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Will you be able to see the 2024 total solar eclipse in Arizona?

The eclipse is set to begin Monday, April 8 around 10:08 a.m. Arizona won't be in the path of totality, but you can still witness the event.

ARIZONA, USA — One of the most highly-anticipated celestial events of the decade is just a few days away. On Monday, the 2024 total solar eclipse will sweep across America, giving millions a chance to see something incredible.

So when and where in Arizona can you expect to see the eclipse?

The eclipse starts on Monday, April 8 at 10:08 a.m. in Arizona. It will last roughly 2 hours and 27 minutes with maximum coverage occurring at 11:20 a.m. The eclipse ends at 12:35 p.m.

The path of totality, where the moon's shadow is darkest, will travel up from Mazatlan in Mexico through central Texas into the midwest before heading all the way up through Newfoundland.

Even if Arizona isn't in the path of totality, we'll still see anywhere from 50-75% coverage depending on where you are in the state. Areas further southeast, like Tucson, Bisbee and Sierra Vista will see greater coverage. The northwestern part of the state near the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas will see less.

Heads up, Arizona has had cloudy weather on that day about a fifth of the time since 2000. Here's hoping the Valley of the Sun will live up to its name!

Don't forget that eye protection is necessary during an eclipse. Our eyes are extremely sensitive to light and when exposed to direct sunlight, the retinal cells could be permanently damaged. You should never look at an eclipse without special glasses.

The moments of complete darkness, once the moon fully covers the sun's daylight, are the only safe moments to view without special eyewear, NASA says. 

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